Karma Guru Sumant Kaul is gifted with the remarkable power and blessings of Shiva Supreme Pure Consciousness- Shiva. With the divine grace, miracle and mysticism of Supreme Pure Consciousness, Karma Guru Sumant Kant Kaul has facilitated in healing the wealth, health, and emotional traumas of thousands! With his power of great tapasya(intense meditation practice) , he has relieved many families from intense miseries of Karma in form of betrayal, suffering, wealth issues and health issues. He is a revered mentor and people all over the world consult him for their personal issues. He has the ability to release karmas with his blessings.

Karma Guru Sumant Kaul's main mission is to empower students to become teachers and spread this profound knowledge to One Billion People on Earth by 2025.

Awarded in the field of Karma Yoga by India¹s leading newspaper, his vision and mission to spread this message has launched this world onto its next metamorphosis.

Despite having several successful enterprises of his own, he chose to follow the philanthropic route of sharing his teachings through the art of Consciousness Healing courses based on 60,000 year old techniques of Karma Yoga, Kashmiri Shavisim and Trika. Buddha achieved enlightenment through one of the 112 techniques of Shiva.

In an age where great spiritual masters shrink from talking about morals, Karma Guru Sumant Kaul boldly talks about the 11 basic principals of moralistic behavior to transform negative karma and huge karmic baggage. Throughout his life, he helped ordinary people establish big business with his extraordinary psychic abilities, manifestation power and unique skills to establish some of the biggest business empires of the century.

On meditating for years, Karma Guru Sumant Kaul has the self-realization that the sage has to be found within our own selves and only when you find the sage within you will you find that everyone outside too is a sage. 

  • Julianna Mumbai, India


    I have found great peace and perfect harmony in my day to day life. I learned under Guru Samant Kaul and Guru Sumeet Kaul whom I consider my mentor, worked wonders on me when solving my family karmic issues and Pitru Dosh. Thank you for all the many Blessings and Prayers Guru Samant and Guru Sumeet



    "I attended basic & advance classes with KarmaGuru Sumant Kaul & KarmaGuru Sumeet Kaul in Dubai. Have no words to explain the amazing experience as I had suffered for 10 years with health, financial & relationship issues and did my best to seek help from healers, meditation centers, fengshui, yoga, swimming, gym, healthy food & others, but nothing happened. After attending 5-day class with the teachers, I visited my therapy centre & they were amazed to find that my back was very smooth & had no single hard circle muscle. After years, I no longer have the back pain, headache and severe body pain. I could also save a lot of money that I used to spend for therapy every month. Gratitude to the masters for all the great miracles happening to me .”

  • JEHAN New Delhi


    Previously, my marriage was broken and I was a single mother and had no clue how to move forward in life. Today I have a wonderful family and a loving and wise and nurturing husband and life partner. I got trained to be and am now a certified self development NLP trainer training corporate and individuals, along with my life partner, spreading faith and wisdom and light.


  • RAVI PRAKASH South India Cine Artist

    "My extreme anger got resolved with that my skin cleared up like I have had a facial! My marriage which was practically over became wonderful again and my relations with my parents became great too. .I got a session with Mr. Sumant Kaul in Dubai which changed my life completely.


  • DR. PURNIMA CHHIBBER New Delhi, India

    "My mouth ulcers healed instantly…Every class with KarmaGuru Sumant Kaul is so magical! As a senior doctor with Government of India, this technique has given me a chance to understand medical and healing science deeply. .”