Over 30% of Indians suffer from thyroid disorders. Out of all the above diseases, hypothyroidism is the most common for which the client has to take thyroid supplements throughout his/her life. It is very common amongst the female population. Women since time memorial have been suppressed and exploited and are not able to express themselves freely all over the world. Due to all these programs and beliefs amongst women, their throat chakra gets blocked.

Women have to do so much work in less time like managing the house, their children and their professional life too. This causes stress on the thyroid glands

The thyroid cannot produce sufficient hormones to manage the above conditions, therefore Hypothyroid results. If these conditions continue thyroid will produce nodules and even thyroid cancer.


Mrs. Mehra is not quick enough to execute something. She develops a thyroid issue which increases tenfold the production of thyroxine. Inability to move fast enough, to have the hands tied, inability to do anything when it is urgent.

Is there a way to heal thyroid?

The good news is that there are ways to heal the thyroid naturally. Karma yoga healing is considered one of the most powerful healing meditation techniques, which can help you identify the problems in your body and correct them one at a time. There have been several cases when Karma Gurus have been able to heal thyroid without chances of relapse. You will actually see the positive benefits of practicing Karma Yoga Healing regularly.

Where can you learn authentic Karma Yoga Healing?

Karma Gurus Sumant Kaul and Sumeet Kaul are the founders of karma yoga healing in the world. They belong to powerful Kashmiri Yogi Lineage and are able to tap into the karmic source memory of a person and heal the person completely by helping the student to transcend into deep samadhi through the power of karma yoga. These memories belong to this life, from your ancestor's to the past lives of your soul. You can learn all about the Science of Consciousness and Karma Yoga Healing at the Karma Guru World.

It is the only technique in the world which can help one resolve Pitru Dosha which generally causes financial issues, intense relationship conflicts and chronic health problems.

The benefits of practicing Karma Yoga are not limited to any specific age, race or religion. Anyone can reap the myriad advantages of Karma Yoga to get rid of their karma of suffering. This will help you deal with your physical problems as well- thyroid is one of the many problems that can be solved with the help of karma healing.