Science of Consciousness & Karmayoga Healing™ presented to the world by Karma Yogi KarmaGuru Sumant Kaul & Sumeet Kaul is priceless.

This is a very powerful Meditational technique of Adiyogi Shiva, dated back to over 60,000 years. This meditation alters one’s brain frequency to Delta state and with practice even beyond into Samadhi State (Transcendence state). However, this is possible only & only through the process of Karmayoga.This technique can heal your health, wealth and relationship Karma.

We recommend our clients to continue with their medicine and conventional medical practise when they choose to come to us. Alternative medicine is not a replacement to conventional medical treatment.

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Mission 2025

Karma Guru says, ' This mission has the power to transform the world in just 80 years. I am going to focus on 100 people who I will polish to become like our friend Karma Guru Sumeet Kaul and those 100 will change 10 people in 10 years and those 1000 will change another 10 in 10 years and like this, this world will transform as everyone would attain enlightenment in 80 years. The souls are yearning for this ultimate knowledge. The body might ignore, however, in just few years time, every person will know about importance of true karma yoga. Every one will be a part of this giant metamorphosis. The problem is not with the inner-self, the root cause of all karmas in your life is your outer-self. The moment the outer-self heals, there will be a great change in all aspects of your life.All courses, healing camps & classes are focussed towards complete shift.'

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Pioneers are visionaries, people who can see ahead of their time. They create a new world through their imagination. A karma yogi has the power to create a new world through the power of their thought.

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Family Man & Karma Yogi

Service as a virtue has always been a big part of him. When he was growing up he felt a strong urge to help people. And though he was too small at that time to do much about it...

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Through the teachings and healing sessions we offer, people will experience resolution in any area of their life including physical illness and discomfort, finances and abundance issues, relationship problems or having a life partner issues, family problems, negative energy blockage and more.


Join us for an extensive Science of Consciousness & Karmayoga Healing Retreat for a complete life shift.
If you are wanting to know the original concept of Shiva and Supreme Pure Consciousness, Allah, Eternal consciousness, this retreat is for you.
This is the most popular international programme.

Free Guided Meditation

Family Drama Healing

Practice this amazing meditation to resolve family & relationship conflicts instantly

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